GIA DINH TINH THUONG TE-PHANに4度目の訪問。支援の中止を決めました。

It's a lonely announcement,

I will finish the support of this orphanage.



A new building has been completed.

A facility for elderly people, handicapped people and children can be lived together.



I thought I was in trouble, but I was not in a trouble.

In case Every year, Western student organizations seem to be supporting over $ 2 million.

And there are several other Catholic organizations that regularly support.




I appreciate my colleagues who collected old clothes in Vietnam,

I asked this orphanage whether I could support that old clothes.

In this orphanage, the facility chief selects clothes for children and throws out unnecessary items

It is said to send to sapa.

That's why "I'd like clothes to be brought directly to sapa."




sapaに送るそうです。 だから「古着はsapaに直接持って行ってほしい。」と言われました。

By chance, there was a person who left old clothes with Pong then,

"Hey, do not ask for appreciation, I do not take pictures," the facility chief told me.



If you ask what something you want

1. I have a lot of money. You can buy anything whenever you need it.

2. I would like a notebook or pen, but I want it when I want it

When we told you we want, please buy lots.

3. I want food such as milk. But, because I say I want it when I want it,

When we told you we want, please buy lots.

I was told like this.

求めるものは何かと聞けば 1.お金をたくさん、下さい。いつでも必要な時に、なんでも買えます。 2.ノートやペンが欲しいですが、欲しい時にほしいと言うので

私達が、欲しいと言った時には、沢山買って下さい。 3.ミルクなどな食料が欲しい。だけど、欲しい時に欲しいと言うので、

私達が、欲しいと言った時には、沢山買って下さい。 このように言われました。

And it was said that the Japanese can not be trusted.

The Japanese who visited this orphanage before as a volunteer

As if supporting 10,000 yen, as if it had supported several million yen,

He seems to have released it on the Internet, and he seems to have stopped supporting people who saw it. In case

It seems to be said that "I do not need it anymore because I have a lot of support." In case In other words, the image of the Japanese seems not to be good. In case

In other words, Vietnamese and Westerners who truly support millions of yen can take pictures,

It can not be trusted to support tens of thousands of yen and take pictures with few rice or milo.

So I was told that I can not give permission.







つまり、ベトナム人や本当に数百万円を支援してくれる西洋人は写真を撮っても良いが、 数万円の支援や少ない米やミロで写真を撮るのは、信用できない。


The souvenir left by the predecessor of the Japanese was rotten. it can not be helped. bo tay.

However, the correspondence of this orphanage is also rotten. Many people are in Japan and Vietnam.

This time also, I studied again.

日本人の先人が残した、お土産は腐ってましたね。仕方がありません。bo tay.

しかし、この孤児院の対応も腐っていますね。色々な人が日本にもベトナムにもいるという事です。 今回も、また勉強させてもらいました。

Although it became a regret feeling a little, since there are various orphanages,

I will also go to other orphanages and study. I will do my best.

Vietnam Thank you.




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